Our mission is to deliver to our investors long term financial prosperity through disciplined and responsible investing.

Our outstanding team of hedge fund professionals come from top global buy- and sell-side institutions with years of experience and expertise in investment and trading. We are committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted return to our clients.

Our private equity team consists of seasoned investment professionals with decades of M&A transaction experience and operational expertise. Our strategy is to identify and invest in market-leading businesses globally and utilize our unique access to industry participants as a major value driver.


Zhong Yong (“中庸”, Optimas, the Latin notion for The Best Result Obtainable), doctrine of the Optimal, is one of the Four Classics in Imperial China. The Doctrine advocates sincerity, honesty, self-discipline and the endless pursuit of excellence.

Our Approach

Combining strong fundamental research capability with prudent risk management to provide long term sustainable returns.


Optimas commits to donate




of our


fees to charity

A strong sense of community adds real value to our lives.

Optimas are proud to contribute to society, and we are committed to connecting and building relationships with communities, giving whatever we can to make a difference.

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August 1, 2019 marked Optimas’ 3rd anniversary.

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