At Optimas, we not only strive to do our best in everything we do but also to make a positive impact with everything we do. Optimas Foundation was set up in 2018 with the objective to give back to our world and to build more sustainable and prosperous communities.

Every year, Optimas is committed to donate at least 1% of the performance fee via Optimas Foundation to pursue community charitable programmes and projects. We also offer various opportunities for our employees to give back either through employee community services and/or donation matching programs.



Fight the Pandemic

At the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, there was a shortage of face masks and other medical supplies in Hong Kong. Optimas Foundation purchased and sourced face masks and disinfected wet tissues and donated to over 10 charities including Feeding Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Society for the Aged, the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Helping Hand, Heep Hong Society, J Life Foundation Limited, 佛教法光中心.etc.

Optimas Foundation along with Optimas’ employees contributed to Wuhan University Education and Development Foundation. The donation was directed to three hospitals affiliated with Wuhan University, namely Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Zhongshan Hospital of Wuhan University and Wuhan University Hospital to help and support the medical staff at the epicentre of the outbreak.

We made donations to other charitable organizations included Caritas Hong Kong in response to their urgent call for “Support Italy” and Mother’s Choice to support its operations which was adversely affected due to the pandemic.

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind is a long-established charitable organization in Hong Kong to provide services to help maximize the capabilities of the visually impaired, facilitate their equal participation in society and improve their quality of life with a view of achieving a harmonious and inclusive society.

Throughout 2019 – 2021, Optimas Foundation made various donations to the charity to sponsor activities such as “The Cheers” (a band of visually and physically impaired to produce and issue a DVD of theirs), purchase of audio players for their information accessibility centre, movie viewing, “Septet: The Story of Hong Kong”, for the visually impaired and their families.

Make-A-Wish Hong Kong

We contributed to Make-A-Wish Hong Kong which is a member of Make-A-Wish Foundation International with mission to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses aged between 3 and 17, to enrich human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Improve Education for the Underprivileged Families

Prior to the pandemic, along with Hung Hom Baptist Church Limited, Optimas Foundation organized bi-weekly tutoring classes to coach English and Mathematics for primary school students from low-income families. Various employees from Optimas also participated as coaches during holiday seasons. Optimas Foundation also donated to Christian Zheng Sheng Association Ltd. to support its operation of a Hong Kong boarding school catering to teenagers with drug and behavioural problems on Lantau Island.

Heep Hong Society

Heep Hong Society (HHS) is one of the longest-standing children education and rehabilitation organizations in Hong Kong. HHS is committed to providing professional assessment, counselling and training for children and young people of special needs to enable them to have a full range of development, and to support their families in order to create an equal and harmonious society. HHS is actively introducing new services and developing "evidence-based" education and training models to promote the development of integrated education and rehabilitation services through research, training, publications and multi-educational tools.

Optimas Foundation contributed to the charity for the sponsorship of the training facilities at Yung Ming Centre, which primarily serves children aged between 0-6 years old and mainly suffering from autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, developmental delay or speech delay.